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It Takes An Ecosystem: Transportation-Focused Executives Turn To Outside Providers, Customers, Suppliers And Competitors

Logistics, supply chain and transportation are undergoing a sea change. As highlighted in earlier installments of this series, industry and functional executives recognize they are facing a nearly unprecedented barrage of challenges and opportunities. In response, executives are doing all they can to address their most pressing issues. But resources are scarce. Today’s opportunities require […]

The Key to the Long Expansion? Logistics

“You can’t recommend those stocks,” a Wall Street strategist insisted in 1986. “We’re in the third year of a four-year expansion. They won’t work.” Being naive, I did it anyway. The expansion lasted a total of almost eight years, until July 1990. Strategists don’t know much, but to be fair, it was a B-school accepted […]

Remote Diagnostics to the Rescue

Steve Brawner | Contributing Writer | Transportation Topics | April 26, 2019 10:45 AM, EDT Systems Help Fleets Reduce Vehicle Downtime, Prevent Costly Repairs, Experts Say Navistar’s OnCommand Connection remote diagnostics system. (Navistar) Remote diagnostics systems available on modern trucks are helping fleets avoid costly repairs and reduce vehicle downtime, and this technology is rapidly advancing toward […]

Nation’s Ports Off to a Strong Start in 2019; Trump Delays Tariff Increase

Dan Ronan | Associate News Editor|February 21, 2019 1:45 PM, EST| Transportation Topics Port of Los Angeles via YouTube The nation’s major ports finished 2018 setting monthly and yearly container volume records, and industry experts say 2019 is off to a strong start. Shippers continue to import and export goods as critical trade negotiations between the […]

Analyst Says Fuel Supply Inadequate for Ocean Shippers to Comply With New Rule

Erin Douglas | Houston Chronicle|February 11, 2019 12:30 PM, EST| Transportation Topics Akio Kon/Bloomberg News Not enough low-sulfur fuel oil is available to replace the fuels used by marine shippers ahead of a fast-approaching regulation, according to analysis by Wood Mackenzie. An rule imposed by the International Maritime Organization will limit the amount of sulfur allowable […]