Congress Debates Funding for U.S. Infrastructure

On Wednesday, July 28, the Senate voted to start working on a national infrastructure plan costing almost $1 trillion. If passed, this bipartisan plan will update infrastructure systems that have needed significant investments for decades.

The bill, as part of President Biden’s agenda, includes an investment of $66 billion in passenger and freight rail, and $40 billion to fix bridges.

This plan would be on par with building the transcontinental railroad or the Interstate highway system and would greatly benefit the transportation industry.

As the world emerges from the coronavirus pandemic, these improvements may lead to a boost in the U.S. economy due to the creation of good-paying jobs across the country and more efficient delivery processes due to improved transportation conditions.

According to the American Society of Civil Engineers, over 42% of U.S. bridges are at least 50 years old. 220,000 or more need repair work, and almost 80,000 need to be replaced as per the American Road & Transportation Builders Association.

The Biden Administration’s infrastructure plan will help fill federal funding gaps, repairing bridges and thousands of miles of highway in the nation that are in poor condition.

For the transportation and shipping industry, this would mean not only a better experience for our employees, but also our customers. Our land transportation services will benefit from improved road conditions, leading to a more seamless experience for the customer. To learn more about our services contact us today.