Employee Spotlight: Baris Aytan

Born and raised on the Aegean coast of Turkey, in the city of Ayvalik, Baris Aytan came to the U.S. to pursue his undergraduate degree. After completing his Master’s degree in International Transportation Management at SUNY Maritime College in New York City, he began his career working in the logistics industry.

Baris started Point Global Logistic’s New Jersey branch where he has served as Branch Manager since March 2020. His daily tasks included a hands-on involvement in most aspects of the business from sales to procurement to bookings. “I love the fact that, when you move a wide range of commodities (finished goods and raw materials alike) to/from many different countries (economies), you have a front-row view into the world economy. What we do is basically a reflection of the current global economic landscape, and this makes it quite interesting.”

Baris is a busy professional with a young family of two girls (one three-year-old and one nine-month-old). His family also includes a Shetland Sheepdog (aka Sheltie) named Quinn, and two cats, Finn and Fiona. He spends his spare time training year-round for bike racing at the top level in the United States. He’s been racing since 2015 and races March through September for a New York City-based team.

He’s traveled extensively In Europe and in Central America, Caribbean islands, and parts of South America where he used to work onboard cargo ships. Despite his wide travels, he hasn’t been to the Far East and would like to one day see Bangkok, Thailand.

His biggest career lesson is “finding ways to deliver additional value, above and beyond what is expected of your service, to the customers. At the end of the day, everybody in our industry is capable of offering similar shipping services at similar cost structures, so this would set you aside from the herd.” Thank you for all you do at Point Global Logistics!