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Point Global Logistics is a highly specialized freight forwarder, offering a diversified portfolio of services that include air, land and sea transportation services, as well as supply chain management to a variety of clients in the US and around the globe.

We "Think and Act Different" by going the extra mile to provide our clients with tailored solutions at competitive pricing resulting in a superior transportation experience.

Point Global Logistics was founded on the concept of providing our clients with a new experience in a traditional industry through our simple strategy.



To provide our customers with outstanding logistics services by meeting their expectations in a timely, proactive cost effective manner, facilitating their success.


To be a global logistics partner, renowned for our unwavering commitment to providing superior service, innovative solutions, and exceeding customer expectations.


  1. LISTEN ... to pay attention to our customers and their needs
  2. FUN ... to have fun and celebrate the small successes along our journey
  3. INTEGRITY ... to act with integrity, never compromising the truth
  4. PASSION ... to put our hearts and minds into our work
  5. SAFETY ... to ensure the safety of our employees, customers and stakeholders
  6. RESPECT ... to give due respect to self and others
  7. QUALITY ... to provide the best serfice experience in the industry
  8. ENVIRONMENT ... to leave no footprint


Environment, Health, Safety, and Security Policy

Point Global Logistics is totally committed to providing transportation and logistics services under the highest Environment, Health, Safety and Security standards in order to constantly improve the quality of life of our fellow beings.

What can you expect from Point Global Logistics EHSS?

  1. Promoting a fair work environment
  2. Promoting diversity
  3. Promoting a safe working environment
  4. Promoting a concern for our environment
  5. Promoting a learning environment
  6. Promoting social responsibility

Our Team

Our team is our most valued asset. POINT'S success is derived from being a company with a flat organizational structure and significant employee autonomy. Our employees are our most important asset. POINT promotes the development of in-house resources and expertise.

Together these organizational strengths enable POINT to respond rapidly and comprehensively to business opportunities and challenges, and foster an atmosphere of innovation and growth.

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