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POINT`s team has years of experience and knowledge on oil and gas upstream and renewable energy sector to provide “end to end” logistics solutions to our clients. POINT executes both multi-modal logistics and trade compliance solutions to energy organizations during all phases of oil and gas development such as exploration, construction, production, and decommissioning. POINT is positioned in key strategic locations where this complex supply chain can be fully supported.

Your logistics strategy can be powered with an emphasis on safety, visibility, and business continuity. All projects and installations are critical, whether upstream or downstream in the process, requiring the leverage of market-leading solutions and technology. POINT values rigorous planning, connectivity, and continual oversight of energy supply chains and can coordinate the level of urgency needed when critical timelines are involved.

Emergency situations to restore power in high-pressure? Large capital expenditure project required to be on time and within budget? Work with POINT supply chain experts dedicated to helping you create a safe, efficient, and reliable supply chain.

Auto + Parts

The automotive industry continues at a record-breaking pace with global sales reaching more than 67M vehicles sold in a year.

Automotive supply chains are a complex one involving many partners including tier suppliers and original equipment manufacturers, typically crossing many countries. With increasing customer demands and expectations, more parts are going into vehicles than ever before. The complexity of this supply chain is often attributed to the coordination and delivery of components from numerous companies in different countries that in turn must be carefully planned to ensure a smooth manufacturing and assembly process. Tens of thousands of components, big and small, go into an automobile, delivering them to your world markets on time is extremely critical.


From the smallest critical part to over-dimensional machinery, POINT’s end-to-end logistics services provide essential forwarding for the world’s industrial manufacturers. Machinery of all sizes often require multimodal transportation, close coordination and open communication. POINT works with producers of a wide variety of industrial and manufacturing production. We handle everything from sourcing materials to delivering the finished product. POINT partners with manufacturers of industrial automation, electronic products, construction materials, and other high-value goods.

POINT leverages our international network of specialists who understand how to move cargo from POINT A to POINT B. POINT spans the globe to ensure that our customers have access to burgeoning manufacturing centers.

Our globally positioned team of qualified experts understand the unique challenges of engineering and manufacturing focused POINT clients. Our people, process, and commitment to our client's custom requirements is what sets POINT apart.


At POINT we are an extension of your forestry business. With the United States being a global leader in forestry exports, POINT has a dedicated team of professionals to handle any logistics challenge facing the forestry industry. Whether you are shipping logs, pulp, paper or other agriculture products, our team of professionals understand what is needed to offer innovative shipping solutions that meet your requires.

We at POINT have been servicing the timber and forestry industry for several years. We pride ourselves in providing an individualized service, custom designed to each client’s requirements.

  1. Fumigation Services
  2. Cargo Insurance
  3. Multimodal transportation and logistics solutions
  4. Contanier Loading and Securing
  5. Letters of Credit and Banking
  6. Certificate of Origin


Mining sectors explore remote locations and conditions, requiring specialized transportation services for the delivery of machinery, equipment and parts to mine sites. POINT provides competitive outbound logistics solutions to transport these parts and mined commodities such as coal, metals, ore and minerals globally.

Global mining supply chain requires multimodal logistics and specialized services such as freight forwarding, heavy lifting, break bulk services, pre- and post-shipment services. Meticulous planning and the adoption of effective end-to-end logistic solutions could not only provide a competitive advantage but save time and money. POINT logistics solutions are reliable, agile, and cost-efficient, as well as offer increased transparency and coordination to optimize production planning and supply chain efficiency.

At POINT we understand the specific challenges facing the mining industry, such as extremely remote job sites and tight time schedules, or the difficulties involved in finding a reliable one-stop-shop logistics partner. POINT provides equipment and materials for all types of mines, steel mills and aluminum smelters, shipped to any part of the world just in time to be your ONE POINT logistics client-partner.


Renewable energy is essential for expanding our today and future supplies. Independently of your remote location or your environment, POINT ensures our clients innovative, reliable, and tailored logistics solutions for your renewable energy transport logistics.

POINT expertise in the planning, implementation and delivery of safe and economic transport solutions for the wind and solar energy industries can save you time and money. Our transportation services range from large out of gauge components to global compliance, permits and complete project assistance. Our experts can facilitate planning, execution and monitoring door-to-door all intermodal freight services.

For Green energy, our dedicated personnel speak your language and understand your logistics challenges. With innovation as our foundation, POINT customizes service offerings to satisfy your unique business needs, and by mitigating risk with operational visibility at every stage.

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