Integrated Technology Solutions

Streamline and optimize your processes across the entire origin-to-destination supply chain. POINT integrated business management system is where all cargo related data and tracking is gathered. System is designed to enable seamless workflows between warehousing and shipping, with a task schedule. For more efficiency, we partner with our clients to optimize time and move online for order fulfillment launch, load documents and photos, check status, customized dashboard and reports, on the palm of your phone or computer. POINT delivers the transparency, control, and ease of use that our clients expect.

  1. Online platform hands-on, insightful, easy-to-use portal
  2. Real time information in English, Portuguese, or Spanish
  3. E-Doc - Document Images Retrieved online
  4. E-Booking - Enter pickup requests online
  5. E-Track - Shipment visibility tracking with multi-field search function
  6. Automatic notification via email on new task accomplished
  7. P.O. management and fulfillment
  8. KPI Milestones by customer
  9. Electronic integration (E.D.I.) capabilities with open API
  10. Automated and customized reports
  11. Finance - timely, accurate invoicing with integrated financial reports

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