Project Logistics

POINT successfully manages every aspect of logistics during a project's lifespam. From the time purchase orders are placed with global suppliers through final installation at site, POINT is present. At POINT, projects are not defined strictly by freight tons, out-of-gauge, exceptional, bulky or heavy items to ship, but by the complexity of the cargo and the delivery obligations facing the client.

Cost planning, choice of the right carrier and execution of transport have to be fine-tuned to meet all project requirements, with a wide range of trusted and long-term partners and vendors.

Our Team brings a strong track record to both short-term projects and long-term infrastructure contracts to execute the best-suited end-to-end, chartered, and multimodal transport solutions.

  1. Vessel & Aircraft chartering
  2. Door-to-door transportation with real time status reporting
  3. Detailed and accurate documentation.
  4. Coordination of shipments with suppliers & job site
  5. Loading and discharge supervision - advice on optimal cargo specifications to minimize costs and maximize safe handling
  6. Technical planning for all heavy lifts and dimensional loads, via specialized truck, rail, barge, ocean vessel and aircraft
  7. Consulting expertise for our clients’ complex letters of credit and bid documents
  8. U.S. EXIM bank procedures
  9. Consolidated invoicing

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