Value Added Services

From your supplier to your manufacture, or from your production line to your client door, POINT capabilities provide seamless global logistics solutions that are second-to-none.

Our strong compliance program is the base for our processes which promote and guarantees ethics for our workforce and third parties. Think of our company as an extension of yours, as we know the complexities and international rules of the logistics industry, providing your business with the full scope of our experience. You can leverage POINT logistics expertise to solve your business challenges.

  1. Pro-active work ethic
  2. Single point of contact & transport partner
  3. Custom made and tailored programs
  4. Cycle time reduction
  5. Open channel of communication
  6. Constant revision of evaluation of cost and time schedules
  7. Comprehensive logistics analysis
  8. Compliance with international global trading
  9. Supply chain management within one integrated system
  10. Claims processing

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